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The Mega Booster

Explosive strength for hardcore training.

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    • Inferno

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As the premium distributor of Stacker2 Europe, we have the rights to sell the ‘limited edition’ series. This limited edition series is hardcore. Stronger, faster and more powerful. No expense or effort has been spared in making a product that makes a real difference. INFERNO is the most powerful pre-workout in our assortment, and is exclusively available here at!

Stacker2 Europe has been well known for over 15 years as the producer of the most powerful sports nutrition. Every product is meticulously composed and tested for effectiveness in consultation with top athletes. Only the best and most efficacious ingredients are used. This also applies to our latest pre-workout: INFERNO.

INFERNO sets the bar several notches higher during your training session. 15 minutes after taking INFERNO, you can feel the energy flowing through your entire body. Your inner fire blazes. There is no way back. Your body demands that you take on that punishing training session to get rid of the energy. At the gym you hunger for more sets, heavier weights and a more demanding training schedule.

INFERNO only uses ingredients that have proven themselves over the years. A high dose of Beta Alanine ensures that you have more stamina and muscle fatigue is postponed. Creatine gives you extra strength and bigger muscles. You immediately feel stronger. Caffeine stimulates your focus and alertness. With INFERNO, you don’t flag for a second. You are simply unstoppable! But INFERNO contains more. A total of 11 active ingredients optimise your training result. As well as extra strength, energy, and focus, INFERNO provides a powerful muscle pump (arginine), a higher testosterone level (from magnesium and d-aspartic acid) and an intensely warm sensation (piper nigrum). This pre-workout never brings a crash. After your training session, you gradually return to your usual energy level. Once you have trained with INFERNO you will never want anything else!

If you are looking for

  • an unrivalled energy boost;
  • extra strength, extra focus and postponed muscle fatigue;
  • accelerated and optimised muscle growth;
  • progress with every training session

then INFERNO is the right pre-workout to help you achieve your goals.

INFERNO is available in 2 delicious flavours, each in 600 gram packages. Enough for 30 top-level training sessions.

Testo 4HD

Your sport is everything to you: bodybuilding is a way of life rather than just a hobby. Which is why you don’t accept just any testosterone enhancer; only the very best is good enough for you. You need a product that is head and shoulders above the rest; a product that gives you explosive strength by adding free testosterone. Is this what you are looking for? A drier, more muscled physique, a higher training intensity, a relentless training aggression and unheard-of intensity during your workouts? If so, Testo-4HD is the product for you.

The benefits of Testo 4HD

  • Award winning Testo enhancer
  • Contains Tribulus 30% Protodioscin
  • Strongest anabolic formula ever invented
  • Increase your training agression
  • Stimulate your testosterone level now!

Why is Testo-4HD so much stronger than other testosterone enhancers?

Testo-4HD contains not only a revolutionary and unique anabolic formula, it is also a 100% natural compound. Testo-4HD increases the levels of free testosterone in your body as a result of which your strength, mass and training intensity increase dramatically. Testo-4HD contains only ingredients that work, with the highest possible percentage of the active ingredient. So not just Tribulus, but the highest possible percentage of the active extract: 30% protodioscin.

Testo-4HD contains everything you need to take your testosterone production to the highest level. Each dose contains 10 powerful and clinically proven ingredients that work in synergy and ensure that androgen receptors are stimulated time and time again to make more testosterone. Your male characteristics are enhanced, particularly your training intensity, your self-confidence and your training aggression. That is a lot already, but the Stacker also offers a drastic increase in muscle mass, muscular pump and an amazing physique.

The development of your testosterone level and the effects

Your free testosterone levels will increase every time you take Testo-4HD. You use this product as a limited course, so you take three capsules twice a day to build your testosterone levels to the maximum value achievable without steroids.

Between 5 and 10 days of (daily) use

You can feel the ingredients working and your testosterone levels increasing slightly every day. You have more energy and you have enormous willpower to go to the gym to do some serious training.

Between 10 and 20 days of (daily) use

Your testosterone levels continue to increase. Your training becomes more extreme. You can lift heavier weights and your muscles are starting to grow steadily. As a result of a drier physique your veins are slowly becoming pronounced. And this is only the start!

From 3 weeks onward (daily use)

This is the third step. By now you are amazed at the low training intensity at which you used to quit before. You are breaking through your own barriers. You are shifting boundaries, the transformation has started. Your muscles feel fuller, bigger and harder. Your strength and vascularity are at their maximum levels. You are in a place you have never experienced before: this is what Testo-4HD does for you and what makes it so popular!

Give your body what it deserves, the most powerful and effective testosterone enhancer ever made: Testo-4HD.

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