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Go Primal D3

Best in Test high-end D3 exclusively available here at Gymnordic.com!

Here is what you get:
✔ 90 days supply / 90 capsules
✔ 2500 IU per capsule
✔ coconut oil added

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    Go Primal Bundle

    Go Primal Bundle

    Best in Test high-end O3 Fishoil + M3 + D3 Bundle exclusively available here at Gymnordic.com!
    ✔ High Quality Products
    ✔ Increase health, wellness and performance
    ✔ Strictly tested for quality: GOED / FOS (Friends of the sea)


What is GoPrimal D3?

GoPrimals Vitamin D3 is sourced from sheep wool (Lanolin)- by adding coconut oil a optimum absorption is guaranteed.
Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble prohormon which supports absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphor.

Why shall i take GoPrimal D3?

Strong bones are equal important than strong muscles – and a Vitamin D3 defiency can lead to osteoporosis and muscle weakness. Additional, Vitamin D3 is boosting our immune system and might help against depressions.

For whom is GoPrimal D3 suitable?

“Recent studies have shown that a Vitamin D defiency may encourage diseases like cancer, Diabetes Typ2, cardiovascular disease, autoimmun disorder or multiple sclerosis. Vitamin D3 is regulating the calcium supply of muscles, stimulates protein synthesis and plays a major role in building strong muscles.
Vitamin D3 is regulating the intramuscular release of calcium which they need for generating power.



Innehåll: 90 cap.
Portionsstorlek: (1 cap.)
Rekommenderat dagligt intag: 1 servering
Amount per 1 cap. 100 cap.
Vitamin D3 2 500 IU 250 000 IU
- Cholecalciferol 62,55 mcg 6 255 mcg

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