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100% Whey + FREE Paleoethics product

Great Nordic Nutrition 100% Whey Pure Protein with one of the Paleoethics supplements: Regen 150, Rebuild Recover, Recovery Matrix or Super Greens.

    • 100% Whey Pure Protein 2000 grams

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REGEN 150– is a full complex protein in peptide form also containing iron and minerals. It contains all of the amino acids required for human biological function and protein synthesis.

Rebuild Recover– is High-Performance Postworkout Recovery full of natural ingredients that replenish the vital nutrients that are lost during a workout. This protein-rich supplement boosts your body's natural ability to recover.

Recovery Matrix– is the best served hot, making it the perfect supplement to wind down. Zinc and magnesium improve quality of sleep while amino acids help to rebuild muscle so you can wake up feeling strong and refreshed. Recovery Matrix is ideal for nighttime consumption, though it can be taken at any time.

Super Greens– it's like a multivitamin and it tastes great! High in vitamins and antioxidants, this supplement offers a range off all-natural ingredients that are delicious and certified organic.

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