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  • Spara60%
    Proteinella Snart utgående

    Bodylab Proteinella Snart utgående

    Proteinella er et ægte chokoladesmørepålæg fremstillet af belgisk chokolade, friske ristede hasselnødder – og foruden dette er produktet ikke tilsat sukker men i stedet tilsat mere end 20 % protein fra valleprotein-isolat.

    EXP 07/2019

    Ordinarie pris 93 SEK

    Specialpris: 37 SEK

    Tillgängliga storlekar:

    250 grams

  • Spara42%
    Ultra Mass Xtreme Snart utgående

    Stacker Ultra Mass Xtreme Snart utgående

    No matter how much heavy training you put in at the gym, without the right nutrition you will not see the results. You need to eat to grow your body - and to grow extremely fast you need a high-dose weight gainer to supplement the essential proteins and carbohydrates. Ultra Mass gives your body exactly what it needs.

    EXP 09/2019

    Ordinarie pris 556 SEK

    Specialpris: 325 SEK

    Tillgängliga storlekar:

    4000 grams

2 produkter

In this category you find all products that are about to expire. They all have expiration date less then 3 month. Huge discounts and savings on these very limited items.