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Protein & FishOil

Bodylab Whey 100 is wheyprotein concentrate and whey protein Isolate mixture produced in Denmark and known for its High Quality Assurance.

At PurePharma, we strive to make the freshest, purest and most potent fish oil possible.

Whey Protein from Bodylab

Protein is a major macro nutrient needed by everyone on a daily basis. It is made up of essential and non-essential amino acids, which are the "building blocks" for healthy bodies. Protein has a number of different roles in the body being involved in growth, development and repair of body tissue.

The protein we offer is whey protein. Whey protein, when properly and gently processed has the highest biological value of all proteins. Biological value expresses the rate of efficiency with which protein is used for growth. More specifically, biological value is the measure used to rate protein quality through nitrogen retention. The higher the quality of protein, the more nitrogen is absorbed and retained by your body.

Whey protein is a pure, natural, high quality protein from cow's milk. Whey is a rich source of the essential amino acids making it a complete protein.Whey also contains the highest concentrations of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) found in nature. Branched chain amino acids play a key role in helping improve body composition and enhancing athletic performance.

Bodylab's 100 % Pure Whey Protein

100 % Pure Whey Protein from Bodylab is a pure, high quality blend of undenatured, ultra filtered whey protein concentrate and ion exchange whey protein isolate. This formulation provides the highest biological value and absorbability while eliminating the fat and lactose. On top of this 100 % Pure Whey Protein from Bodylab tastes great, mixes easily and contains no added sugar.

PurePharma Omega-3

Using the whole body of small deep sea fish Molecularly destilling the oil two times to achieve ultra high concentration and purity Cold filtrating the oil as a final purification step to gently remove all contaminants Carefully managing heat, light and oxygen exposure throughout production to ensure the absence of oxidation.

Environmental Responsibility

The crude fish oil for our concentrates is based on anchovy and sardines and it comes from our partner that is IFFO certified for compliance with fishing methods and sustainability requirements.

Fishing is suspended during spawning seasons to prevent overfishing.

Due to the interdependent nature of ocean food webs, many species are found swimming with fished species and are at risk of entanglement. Without proper monitoring and fishery management, bycatch will continue to be a serious issue.
Therefore, our fishing partner has taken giant strides in managing bycatch, that occurs when indiscriminate fishing operations capture animals that were not the target species. Our fishing partner guards against bycatch by using specially designed Purse Seiner fishery nets, that are specially designed to target specific anchovy school.

In the production of the oil 100% the raw material is used so that nothing goes to waste. Starting with the highest quality raw material we gently refine, purify and concentrate the oil. Any oil that is not used for production (marine fats with no nutritional value) is used for biofuel and fertilizer products.

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