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Mutant Mass

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  • Mutant Mass
  • Mutant Mass

Mutant Mass by Mutant

Mutant's Mutant Mass

A product for weight gain intended for the hardworking athlete who wants to gain lean, fat-free muscle mass.

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Mutant Mass from Mutant

It is a weight gain product intended for the hardworking athlete who wants to gain lean, fat-free muscle mass. With its high content of healthy fats as well as essential and branched-chain amino acids this product is ideal for those who have problems when it comes to gaining muscle mass. Tests have shown that an intake of 2 servings daily, in addition to a varied and healthy diet, over a time-period of 8 weeks leads to a weight gain of 2 kg on average. A large majority of the test persons also increased their chest- and biceps measures as well as showed clearly improved energy levels. In other words: the content of Mutant Mass is overall beneficial and energy-providing aiming towards fast weight gain.

How to use

Dosage instructions

Mix 4 scoops (260 g) with 6-7 dl of water or milk.

Start with half a dose to determine your personal need for energy and increase if needed.

Take 1-2 times per day between meals or before/after workout.

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Mutant is one of the most popular product lines in the world of body building and fitness today. Mutant offers customers the edge that takes theirs minds and bodies to the next level with superior enhancers, gainers and recovery products. Used by celebrities and award winning body builders Mutant is the brand that features potent and unique formulas that add pep in your workout step. Available at GymNordic, Mutant can be relied upon for fast results when coupled with an overall wellness regime.

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