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Pre-workout madness

Dont know what to choose? Try both! Amazing offer on preworkout combo.


Try them both and let us know which one you liked the most. Just make sure you dont use them at once. :))))

Click on each product in images to read about both of them.


RUSH V4 is formulated to be the most extreme and effective pre-workout product on the market today. The development process is never-ending. A lot of research is being conducted on performance-increasing extracts and the best combinations of ingredients that increase energy, strength and focus to the max. RUSH V4 is the result of this continuous search. RUSH V4 is built on solid science, years of study and decades of professional experience. It’s a complete reformulation of our successful RUSH V4 formula!

What you can expect from RUSH V4

  • 21 effective ingredients in one scoop
  • Incredible long-lasting energy and focus
  • Extreme pumps
  • Effective doses of scientifically proven ingredients
  • A pre-workout in 6 delicious fruit flavours
  • A top-quality product that is free of fillers

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INFERNO sets the bar several notches higher during your training session. 15 minutes after taking INFERNO, you can feel the energy flowing through your entire body. Your inner fire blazes. There is no way back. Your body demands that you take on that punishing training session to get rid of the energy. At the gym you hunger for more sets, heavier weights and a more demanding training schedule.

INFERNO only uses ingredients that have proven themselves over the years. A high dose of Beta Alanine ensures that you have more stamina and muscle fatigue is postponed. Creatine gives you extra strength and bigger muscles. You immediately feel stronger. Caffeine stimulates your focus and alertness. With INFERNO, you don’t flag for a second. You are simply unstoppable! But INFERNO contains more. A total of 11 active ingredients optimise your training result. As well as extra strength, energy, and focus, INFERNO provides a powerful muscle pump (arginine), a higher testosterone level (from magnesium and d-aspartic acid) and an intensely warm sensation (piper nigrum). This pre-workout never brings a crash. After your training session, you gradually return to your usual energy level. Once you have trained with INFERNO you will never want anything else!

If you are looking for

  • an unrivalled energy boost;
  • extra strength, extra focus and postponed muscle fatigue;
  • accelerated and optimised muscle growth;
  • progress with every training session


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41.91 EUR

49.31 EUR