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5-in-1 Stay Strong Lion Pack

The perfect combo with the most effective and strongest products in our assortment.
Choose between our most powerful PREWORKOUTS, our most popular protein, creatine, vitamin D to boost your immune system and ZMA as a powerful test booster and improving sleep quality. With this you got all you need to STAY STRONG!

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    • 100% Whey Pure Protein 2000 grams

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    • PRE-300 300 grams

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69.88 EUR

107.50 EUR

  1. Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3 Standard +0 eur

  2. ZMA

    Daily ZMA 90 capsules +0 eur

  3. Creatine

    Creatine 300 grams +0 eur

  4. Whey

    100% Whey Pure Protein Strawberry +0 eur

  5. Preworkout

    PRE-300 Strawberry Kiwi +0 eur