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Fitness Power Bag

Best value New

Fitness Power Bag

All your needs to increase performance and build muscle with awesome swag!

✔ Most popular Protein
✔ PRE-300 Preworkout
✔ Caffeine
✔ Vitamin D3
✔ Fitness Bag + Shaker

✔  All you need in 1 bundle at the best price possible!

100% Whey Pure Protein

Great Nordic Nutrition 100% whey pure protein

Low in lactose, no fillers, no added Amino Acids, just 100% whey protein.

Highest quality whey that meets European laws of health and welfare of livestock. Fully ISO certified, delivering the amino acids your body needs in order to grow healthy muscle with high quality ingredients. Great Nordic Nutrition 100% Whey contains quadrapeptides, which have been shown to have a pain-killing effect, decreasing post workout soreness.


PRE-300 is developed with the ultimate goal of not only boosting your workout but also to motivate you to do a workout in the first place. GN Nutrition PRE-300 is a hardcore pre-workout for the experienced user, who is looking for the most complete and effective pre-workout on the market!


A high quality creatine product scientifically proven to increase muscle, strength, and sports performance.


In optimal doses pure GN Nutrition caffeine enhances performance, focus, alertness, boosts your metabolic rate and can even reduce soreness.

Daily ZMA

Combat intense training, inadequate nutrition and environmental factors by increasing your Zinc, Magnesium and B6 levels

Vitamin D3

A lack of vitamin D (vitamin D deficiency) may cause bones to become soft and weak, which can lead to bone deformities. GN Nutrition D3 will secure your needs of D-Vitamin with only 1 pill daily.

GN Base Camp Duffel 40L Sportsbag

The Gymnordic sportsbag. Contains 40 liters, and is waterproof! Several ways to carry due to multiple rims. A great match for your workout gear!


66.89 EUR

115.54 EUR