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Protein Dymatize ISO-100 - 100% Whey Protein Isolate

ISO-100 from Dymatize is an excellent whey protein isolate of the highest quality and the product with the highest biological value.

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Protein Dymatize ISO-100 from Dymatize

It is named after its source of protein: 100% Whey Protein Isolate. ISO-100 from Dymatize is an excellent whey protein isolate of the highest quality and the product with the highest biological value.

Today, a lot of companies produce whey protein isolate, but once you try Dymatize ISO-100, you will immediately feel the difference! This whey protein isolate has been developed to perfection. It is 100% hydrolysed protein that went through 5 stages of quality control!

Protein isolate ISO-100 is free of lactose and fat. Because of this, the protein in ISO-100 is much easier to digest. This is especially true during intense workouts when you need to use a large amount of protein to maintain nitrogen balance and nourish the muscles with necessary amino acids for their recovery and growth. Additionally, ISO-100 contains no carbohydrates, which makes it ideal for athletes who follow a low-carb diet, and added LPC allows you to enhance the natural level of protein synthesis in the body and makes this isolate from Dymatize one of the best protein products on the market!

How to use

Dosage instructions

Mix one scoop of powder with 3,5 dl of water, juice or milk.

Stir or shake in a shaker for 15 seconds or until the powder has dissolved completely in the liquid.

Drink 2-3 servings a day.

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Dymatize founded in 1994 is an industry leader in the big world of fitness supplements. With a spotlight on quality down to the smallest detail they, unlike some of the competitors, own their own factories and control every facet of the production process. With formulas that work and a variety of great flavors, Dymatize has a strong commitment to delivering the highest quality supplements on the market and are proudly available at GymNordic. Dymatize premium supplements helps you achieve your fitness goals.

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