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Recovery (Post-Workout)

8 products

  • Paleoethics Rebuild Recovery

    High Performance Postworkout Recovery

    Begin the recovery process immediately after your workout with this high-performance postworkout blend. Full of natural ingredients that replenish the vital nutrients that are lost during a workout, this protein-rich supplement boosts your body's natural ability to recover.

    N Natural
    39.95 EUR

    Available Taste:


  • Paleoethics Recovery Matrix

    Nighttime Recovery

    Similar to tea, this peppermint and chamomile flavoured supplement is the best served hot, making it the perfect supplement to wind down. Zinc and magnesium improve quality of sleep while amino acids help to rebuild muscle so you can wake up feeling strong and refreshed. Recovery Matrix is ideal for nighttime consumption, though it can be taken at anytime.

    N Natural
    29.95 EUR

    Available Taste:


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    Muscletech CellTech Performance Series

    MuscleTech Pro Series Cell-Tech

    It is a powerful creatine product intended for those in need of extra boost when it comes to gaining muscle mass.


    Regular Price: 42.46 EUR

    Special Price: 35.12 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    2700 grams

    1400 grams

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    Dymatize GABA

    GABA stimulates the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

    HGH affects your metabolism and fat burning while also having some powerful effects on muscle building.


    Regular Price: 26.67 EUR

    Special Price: 18.36 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    111 grams

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    Resurrect P.M Expiring Soon

    EXP DEALS Resurrect P.M Expiring Soon

    Resurrect-P.M. is the ultimate recovery product

    It will help your body to repair and fully recovery during night sleep.

    EXP 30.09.2018

    Regular Price: 56.32 EUR

    Special Price: 19.20 EUR

    As low as: 19.20 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    200 grams

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    Activlab Hot Sport Isotonic Drink

    Hot Sport Drink from Activlab is a great combination of electrolytes, vitamins and carbohydrates. A must-use formula during intensive workouts.

    Regular Price: 12.73 EUR

    Special Price: 9.12 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    3000 grams

    1000 grams

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    Universal Animal P.M

    Animal PM from Universal Nutrition

    A recovery product promoting deep sleep. It focuses on providing you with a full night's really deep and satisfactory sleep.


    Regular Price: 57.65 EUR

    Special Price: 41.51 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    30 packs

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    AllDayYouMay New

    5% Rich Piana AllDayYouMay New

    Growth and Full Body Recovery

    Supplements are meant to do just that: supplement. ALLDAYUMAY was birthed from Rich Piana‘s philosophy that supplements should never take the place of your meals, but rather taken in addition to the food you eat. ALLDAYUMAY is one of the most dynamic products on the supplement market today, formulated to aid your muscle building efforts in numerous ways.

    Who says you cannot feed your body what it needs throughout the day, ALLDAYUMAY!

    Regular Price: 69.99 EUR

    Special Price: 37.95 EUR

    Sold out

    Available Package Size:

    465 grams

8 products

Immediately after a workout, your body is extremely sensitive to nutrients that can help rebuild your muscle cells. Therefore, it is considered to be the most important time to ingest supplements. The faster you help your body to recover and rebuild muscle mass, the faster you will see the results. The body's muscle cells consist of proteins, which is why a protein powder with immediate effect is the best nutrition for the body after exercise. At GymNordic you find only the best and most recognized protein powders in the world. Our range is wide and covers all needs. It is important that you choose your product carefully. Many protein bars, and ready protein drinks available in the grocery store contain cheap sources of protein such as milk protein. After training a pure whey protein may be the most suitable, and it also contributes to better and faster results.