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Gym Food

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    Stacker Barbarian Crunchy Protein Bar

    Barbarian is designed to be one of the tastiest protein bar you’ve ever tried. Not only does it taste delicious, the specs make it a high-quality bar. Barbarian contains 36% protein (20g) and less than 2g of sugar.

    • 20g protein per bar Less than
    • 2g of sugar Contains high biological value protein
    • Maximum 216 calories
    • Contains up to 70% less sugar than other snacks with chocolate
    • Unparalleled taste and texture

    Regular Price: 2.54 EUR

    Special Price: 1.77 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    15 pieces

    1 pieces

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    Pancake Expiring Soon

    GN Nutrition Pancake Expiring Soon

    GN Nutrition's pancake mix is the ultimate choice if you’re looking for a quick, yet high-protein delicacy. Ready under 3 minutes from scratch, you may now always have delicious high-protein pancakes at your fingertips.

    EXP 03/2020

    Regular Price: 18.00 EUR

    Special Price: 3.88 EUR

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    Available Package Size:

    500 grams

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    Bodylab Topping Zero

    Lækker sukkerfri sirup i 12 varianter. Det perfekte redskab til dig der ønsker at have lidt ekstra sødt på dine måltider og snacks.

    Regular Price: 6.25 EUR

    Special Price: 4.42 EUR

    As low as: 4.42 EUR
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    Available Package Size:

    290 ml

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    Proteinella Expiring Soon

    Bodylab Proteinella Expiring Soon

    Proteinella er et ægte chokoladesmørepålæg fremstillet af belgisk chokolade, friske ristede hasselnødder – og foruden dette er produktet ikke tilsat sukker men i stedet tilsat mere end 20 % protein fra valleprotein-isolat.

    EXP 07/2019

    Regular Price: 8.75 EUR

    Special Price: 3.50 EUR

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    Available Package Size:

    250 grams

4 products