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LIMITED AMOUNT ONLY. Get yourself or a frined a nice Goodiebag and Save more then 75%

It's impossible to say "no" to this offer! Yes, you read righ, our uber cool, 40l Premium Duffle Bag + Multivitamin + our complete range of wellness tabs to keep you healthy and we finish it off with a shaker. Its waaaay below costprice. Limited amount only.
13.44 EUR

56.00 EUR

  1. Multivitamins

    MultiVitamin 100% 100 tablets +0 eur

  2. Daily Fitness

    Daily Fitness Green Tea+ 20 tablets +0 eur

  3. Feel Good Focus

    Feel Good Focus 20 tablets +0 eur

  4. Joint Protect

    Joints Protect+ 20 tablets +0 eur

  5. Vitamin C

    Go Away Doc Vitamin C 20 tablets +0 eur

  6. Bag

    GN Base Camp Duffel 40L Sportsbag Black +0 eur

  7. Shaker

    Moving People Original Shaker Black +0 eur