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C4 Extreme Strawberry Margarita 30 serv.

C4 - train to the extreme

It is a pre-workout complex featuring: high quality ingredients, effective dosages and excellent taste.

  • All that is needed for the effective training
  • energy, endurance and strength.

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Nutrition Facts


C4 is a powdered energy. Thanks to high quality ingredients, effective dosages and excellent taste C4 Extreme is more advanced than any other pre-workout supplement in its class, providing everything that is needed for the effective training - energy, endurance and strength.

C4 from Cellucor is the most powerful pre-workout complex that will maximise your performance, strength and endurance, and make your workout intense and effective. The composition of C4 is represented by the set of components and ingredients that effectively increase the energy levels and create a lasting “pump” effect. Each serving provides 1,5 g of beta-alanine, 1 g of creatine nitrate, 1 g of arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, as well as 0,6 g of unique energy mixture. It is worth noting the excellent and refreshing flavour, leaving a pleasant aftertaste of real fruits.

You will have more energy than you ever expected a supplement to provide. You will get an extra rep needed to complete that last set— exceed any previously experienced strength, endurance, or personal bests.

How to use

DO NOT EXCEED RECOMMENDED DAILY INTAKE. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. Directed Use On Training Days: To determine tolerance, begin by taking one serving (1 scoop) mixed with (4 - 6 oz.) of water 20 - 30 minutes before training. After personal tolerance has been assessed, take one to two servings (1 - 2 scoops) 20 - 30 minutes before training begins. Add (4 - 6 oz.) of water for each serving. During your workout, it is recommended that you drink plenty of water.

Food supplement

Content: 160 gr
Serving size: 1 scoop (5.3 gr)
Recommended daily use: 1 serving
Amount per 5.3 gr 100 gr
Beta-Alanine 1,500 mg 28,301.89 mg
Creatine Nitrate 1,000 mg 18,867.92 mg
Arginine AKG 1,000 mg 18,867.92 mg
Vitamin C 250 mg 4,716.98 mg
L-Tyrosine 200 mg 3,773.58 mg
Caffeine 160 mg 3,018.87 mg
Bitter Orange (citrus aurantium) 50 mg 943.4 mg
Niacinamide 30 mg 566.04 mg
Folate 150 IU 2,830.19 IU
Pyridoxal-5 Phosphate 35 IU 660.38 IU
Vitamin B12 20 IU 377.36 IU


Natural and artificial flavours, citric acid, malic acid, silicon dioxide, calcium silicate, sucralose, acesulfam potassium, E129

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