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Scivation is available at GymNordic! Scivation is committed to excellence by offering popular formulas like EXTEND, PSYCHO and DIALENE. Let Scivation help you achieve your fitness goals with fast results. Scivation has spent years of research developing and testing their formulas until they get the results they require- award winning products that body builder’s worldwide respect and use to achieve their best. Scivation products are designed for both professional and amateur fitness lovers as well as body builders. All of their products are scientifically proven to produce results.

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  • Save29%

    Scivation XTend

    Scivation Xtend New Edition is a dietary supplement with amino acids and electrolytes

    Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and muscle mass.

    • Backings Muscle Growth and Strength
    • Backings Faster Recovery
    • Helps Preserve Muscle

    Regular Price: 33.37 EUR

    Special Price: 23.99 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    1125 grams

    375 grams

  • Save67%

    Scivation Quake 10.0

    Scivation Quake Pre Workout is the ultimate pre workout formula that packs fully clinical dosages including Xtend BCAAs. Quake also includes PeakO2 Capros and other muscle building ingredients. Now a days, there are pre workouts with massive scoops using fully clinical dosages for the maximum experience. Quake is just like that but uses exclusive ingredients like PEAKO2 and Capros to Scivation.


    Regular Price: 40.08 EUR

    Special Price: 13.27 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    260 grams

    500 grams

  • Save84%
    ISO Xt Expiring Soon

    Scivation ISO Xt Expiring Soon


    • 24g of pure protein per 33g serving

    • Great value for money

    • Available in a range of great-tasting tasting flavours

    • Only 1g of fat per serving


    Regular Price: 40.08 EUR

    Special Price: 6.50 EUR

    Sold out

    Available Package Size:

    900 grams

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  • Save15%

    Dymatize Gainer Bundle

    Looking for Gains? Look no further. This bundles gives you all you need to reach all your goals. Choose one of our topselling Gainers with a Preworkout to boost your training AND a free Shaker + D3/Caffeine/Anabolic ZMA.
    89.17 EUR
    Sold out
  • Save35%

    GN Nutrition Xtend + PRE-300

    A perfect offer for Xtend and PWO lovers. Amazing price on 2 top products that will accelerate your workout to another level after just one serving!
    • Backings Muscle Growth and Strength
    • Backings Faster Recovery
    • Helps Preserve Muscle
    59.80 EUR
  • Save20%

    GN Nutrition All you need pack

    Light whey protein, pre-workout, testosterone enhancer and amino acids. That's all you need during and after your workout.
    • Higher Protein %
    • Strongest Preworkout
    • Best BCAA
    • Testo Booster
    • Free Tshirt
    94.85 EUR
  • GN Nutrition 100% Whey + 90% OFF Bonus

    Choose your bonus product from proteins, BCAA's, pre-workouts, pancakes and other supplements below.

    From: 38.20 EUR

    To: 43.56 EUR

  • Save26%

    Scivation Scivation Mega Pack

    Probably the best bundle in the world! All you need in 1 place.
    71.07 EUR
    Sold out
9 products