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Bsn supplements and Nutrition are a line bio-engineered award winning products that was founded in 2001. Available at GymNordic BSN is a company that has been awarded with loyalty from its employees and its customers. With a truly global reach BSN creates many of its products that are multi-functional and work with a variety of lifestyles. Users tap into their resources and more easily their fitness goals with the help of BSN. BSN has mass appeal and a growing number of fans.

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    N.o.-Xplode 3.0 Sale Top seller

    BSN N.o.-Xplode 3.0 Sale Top seller

    N.O.-XPLODE™ helps you to reach your training goals

    BSN now presents the new version of this unique pre-workout complex with improved formula and taste.

    • Ultimate preworkout
    • Original BSN NO Xplode

    Regular Price: 22.00 EUR

    Special Price: 13.27 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    1000 grams

    600 grams

    240 grams

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    BSN Amino X

    BSN AMINO X™ - the first bubble-featured BCAA formula on the market

    This product enables a faster uptake of all necessary nutrients.


    Regular Price: 33.37 EUR

    Special Price: 26.67 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    1000 grams

    435 grams

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    BSN Syntha-6 Edge

    Syntha 6 Edge is a protein from varying sources, some of which digest quickly and some are longer lasting to keep you always in an anabolic state.


    Regular Price: 65.52 EUR

    Special Price: 48.48 EUR

    As low as: 48.48 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    1776 grams

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    BSN TrueMass

    TRUE-MASS® is a mass gainer exclusively designed to promote muscle growth

    It features BSN®’s signature ultra-premium formula based on the mix of complex carbohydrates and multi-component protein of high biological value.


    Regular Price: 80.03 EUR

    Special Price: 51.22 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    2610 grams

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    BSN N.O. Xplode XE Edge

    Extreme energy concentrated pre-workout.

    • Unique combination of botanical ingredients and caffeine for extreme energy and focus.
    • Super Leaf Extracts.
    • 200mg Caffeine.
    • 1.6g Beta-Alanine.

    Regular Price: 36.25 EUR

    Special Price: 30.02 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    263 grams

  • Save15%

    BSN DNA Glutamine

    GLUTAMINE DNA™ helps with recovery and endurance.


    Regular Price: 19.22 EUR

    Special Price: 16.50 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    309 grams

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    BSN Nitrix 2.0

    Nitrox® 2.0 - the latest news for nitric oxide

    Created to support feeling of pump, improve endurance and performance. The secret of Nitrix® 2.0 is the addition of 3 grams of L-citrulline, showing BSN®'s brave, innovative attitude when it comes to dietary supplements.


    Regular Price: 94.75 EUR

    Special Price: 49.00 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    180 tablets

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    Tweak your supplement stack with all-new BSN DNA Series.

    Regular Price: 26.67 EUR

    Special Price: 19.97 EUR

    Available Package Size:

    200 grams

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    GN Nutrition Get Fit

    Looking to get fit? This is the perfect starting kit for everyone wanting to build muscle, increase strength and speed recovery.
    76.87 EUR
    Sold out
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    2kg Whey + No Xplode

    Great Nordic Nutrition 100% whey pure protein

    Low in lactose, no fillers, no added Amino Acids, just 100% whey protein.

    N.O.-XPLODE™ helps you to reach your training goals

    BSN now presents the new version of this unique pre-workout complex with improved formula and taste.

    69.80 EUR
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    Workout Booster

    Looking for a pack to improve your workouts with strength, energy and recovery? This bundle covers all your essential needs to reach that goal.

    • Choose your favorite preworkout
    • Get one of our topselling BCAAs
    • Add beta-alanine
    • Essential D3
    71.02 EUR
  • Save15%

    Dymatize Gainer Bundle

    Looking for Gains? Look no further. This bundles gives you all you need to reach all your goals. Choose one of our topselling Gainers with a Preworkout to boost your training AND a free Shaker + D3/Caffeine/Anabolic ZMA.
    89.17 EUR
13 products