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Who is Rich Froning?

The fittest man in the world! Yes you read that right. Rich Froning (Jr.), is the current title holder of Fittest Man on Earth, which is determined every summer at the annual CrossFit Games. Impressed? Wait until you hear more!

The 27-year-old CrossFit athlete is also the first person to have taken home the CrossFit Games title four years in a row. With a performance that was one for the records books, Froning won the Fittest Man on Earth title from 2011 through to 2014. He is also known for his remarkable achievements in the annual games during 2010, the first year he competed in the CrossFit Games. Though he did not win the title, the Michigan-born athlete who stands 1.75 meters tall came in second in the competition.

Froning's introduction to CrossFit

Froning grew up loving sports and was especially fond of playing baseball and football. He was the second baseman (all region and all district) in high school baseball in Cookeville, Tennessee. He joined college with a baseball scholarship and then directed his attention toward finishing his studies. He worked with the city's fire department part-time and credits his earliest interest in CrossFit to this time of work and studies.

Froning had given up baseball and was shown some CrossFit videos by his professor.

Froning had given up baseball and was shown some CrossFit videos by his professor. The videos got him interested in the workouts and before he knew it, CrossFit became a passion. He trained on his own, at his father's barn and finally in 2010, decided to get coaching and start competing in regional games.

Froning's diet and supplement

Would you believe that the four-time CrossFit Games titleholder does not adhere to the popular CrossFit diet? The hunter-gatherer diet (Paleolithic diet) that most CrossFit athletes follow religiously holds no meaning for the champion. Froning instead, likes to listen to his body. He jokes about eating a lot of bread, pasta and peanut butter when asked about his regular diet. He also mentions having several protein shakes.

The man's workout regimen is as unique as his diet. He likes taking no off days from training and prefers working out several times a day, all days a week. He lists Olympic and power lifts among his daily workouts.

Froning's favorites

The fittest man on the Earth likes to take Amino-X and Syntha-6 supplements after workout, even cell mass on some occasions. Froning uses fish oil supplements for healthy joints and couples them with proper posture, body position and efficiency when working out to ensure his joints are fit. To build total body strength, he chooses deadlifts and squats. His CrossFit workout regime excludes isolation exercises.

Since he loves working out himself motivation comes to Froning from within. For those who may struggle with their regimes, he suggests using a mix of faith, determination and good company to keep working out and improving. And as for the advice that he has received during his highly successful five-year career, Froning's favorite is to love God and have fear of nothing. Pretty heartening isn't it?