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What pre-workout suits you best? Inferno vs Rush V4



Order your Inferno or your Rush V4 now. Or check out below the deals for the two super bundles we prepared this month: 


1. The Mega Booster Bundle: Inferno + Testo 4HD 

Together with Inferno you will get Testo 4HD, one of the strongest testosterone enhancers ever created. 

Testo-4HD contains not only a revolutionary and unique anabolic formula, it is also a 100% natural compound. Testo-4HD increases the levels of free testosterone in your body as a result of which your strength, mass and training intensity increase dramatically. Testo-4HD contains only ingredients that work, with the highest possible percentage of the active ingredient. So not just Tribulus, but the highest possible percentage of the active extract: 30% protodioscin.



Get your Mega Booster Bundle for only

52.12 EUR


2. The Pre Workout Maddness Bundle: Inferno + Rush V4

Now you have the chance to order both pre workouts and test which one you will like the most. 


Get your hands on the Pre Workout Maddness Bundle for only

53,49 EUR