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3 mind-blowing exercises to pump your biceps!

And to be honest again, it okay to train because you want to look good! Its not just about the healthy lifestyle – good look takes you along way and most people respect the dedication and sacrifice you have made to get there! But we can all do better right? Maybe you can actually improve your biceps workout! We have gathered the best exercises to blow up your guns!  


#1: "The confusion warm up set" 

This is inspired by the great CT Fletcher and gives you a tremendous pump in the beginning of the workout. It is best with a partner. The goal is 100 reps divided into 10 sets. You have use a cable tower and fire away – every time you hit the 10 reps – you drop the bar and you partner either put more weigh on or drops it. This means that you don't know if the next set is harder or easier that the precious one! The goal is to go fast and hard on this one!  


"2: "Preacher Curls to failure" 

Now that you are pumped up we are gonna isolate those guns with some good old fashion preacher curls. You are gonna go heavy so your failure should be around 6-7 reps. Change arm right after and take 30 seconds rest before you repeat – 4 sets on each arm is the goal!  


#3: "Incline biceps curls" 

Don’t worry – you are almost done! It probably feels like your biceps is tearing up right? Don’t worry – it will hold! Now – you need to lower the weight on this on – the goal is 15 reps in 4 sets and you are gonna use an incline bench and curl the dumbbells in a 45 degrade angle. Make sure you flex those biceps – this is the final exercise so go all in!  


CT Fletcher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kai Greene and even more of the greatest bodybuilders have used some of these exercises. This routine will wear you out and probably leave you sore the next days – but it gets the job done!