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  • Nov 01, 2016 0

    The Ultimate Vitamin Protein Shake

    Where does our body get all of it’s vitamins from? You can and should help your body through the cold and dark times. It is actually simple with a good vitamin shake - we do not use the word "smoothie" here, since it is not badass enough! Read more
  • Oct 25, 2016 0

    Cardio vs. Weight Lifting

    I often wonder if I am the only one who ever though about whether cardio really is the best way to go if you want to loose fat. On the other hand you could also choose to lift weights or you could combine those two methods? Read more
  • Oct 11, 2016 0

    3 mind-blowing exercises to pump your biceps!

    Lets be completely honest – we all love to have a shredded biceps with veins popping out which shows how pumped you are! Read more
  • Oct 02, 2016 0

    3 Brilliant Easy Homemade Evening Snacks

    Its very conmen that the evening is the worst time to eat strict and be on a diet. When you hit the couch after a hard days work and your training pas is done you feel the urge to snack a little! So what are you gonna do – are you gonna hit the supermarke Read more
  • Sep 27, 2016 0

    That's why PWO will increase your focus!

    I clearly remember the first time I used pre-workout – I was literally about to take off from the surface of the earth. That enormous amount of caffeine, creatine and beta alanine burning through my bloodstream was amazing! That day the local Gym was dest Read more
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